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Although WordPress is a pretty powerful tool, it can’t do everything. There are however hundreds of developers around the word creating thousands of plugins that enhance and improve your visitor’s experience.

Most plugins can be downloaded from your dashboard but if you want to do some research first they are all listed here: wordpress.org/extend/plugins.

To install a plugin from your dashboard just go to Plugins > Add New and use the search tools. Once you have found the plugin you like. install and active.  It’s that easy.

There are quite a few plugins installed on this site but most are hidden away in the dashboard so there isn’t much to see.  Some you may discover if you look around.  However here’s my list of useful starter plugins:

  • Akismet. Comes pre-installed with WordPress. Get yourself a free API key and get spam protected.
  • WordFence. Excellent security plugin that will help keep you safe from hackers.
  • All in one SEO Pack – allows you to tweak how the search engine view and index your site.
  • Quick Contact Form – probably the easiest to use but feature filled contact form there is.
  • Testimonials Widget – A great way to publish all those thank you messages
  • Relevanssi – Enhances the pretty ropy built in search engine.
  • Facebook and Twitter – Adding social media links to your blog

You can find all the above by using the plugin search in your dashboard: Plugins > Add New > Search

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