Caveat.  I install, setup, configure and modify WordPress and I help, support and advise on using WordPress. I don’t look after the content or stop the owner changing the layout if they want to….

The Edinburgh Driveway Company

edcSitting here sipping on a beer in 29 degree heat and can’t stop looking at my website! I love it! It’s exactly what we want, should Seo do what it should do then I think we have a winner here.

Just thought I’d drop you a Line to let you know, I am very happy with this and all for a price that I was willing to pay. If I’m honest without knowing you I don’t think I would have paid 4-5-600 for this mainly because I didn’t know what I was getting, didn’t know you from Adam but 280 was almost risk free you could say so I took a generally small risk but so far so good and it’s been a fantastic 280 pound risk! Thanks again

The Edinburgh Driveway Company


gardenHaving previously worked with a developer who lacked e-commerce experience, I knew that my site wasn’t performing as well as it could. From our initial consultation Graham quickly diagnosed the problems and we began working together to improve the site’s focus and usability.

Graham has a real passion for his work and will discuss ideas clearly with you; ideas that are built from a wealth experience and his own research into many aspects of website design and development. Graham knows what works and I feel I have learnt a great deal from our conversations.

The changes we needed to make to the existing website were quickly implemented, with any further adjustments addressed immediately. No hanging round whilst your developer searches for a fix! And all within the very competitive budget we had agreed.

If you are searching for consultation to improve your website, or a developer who can quickly implement your desired adjustments, I couldn’t recommend Graham highly enough.



Earth Village Education

I am incredibly thankful, not just for Graham’s easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing plug-ins but his availability and responsiveness has been truly incredible. I try to be very conscious of not taking more than I give and I am very new to WordPress so in requesting help and support from Graham I made sure to compensate something. I couldn’t have asked for better support. He is in another country and across the ocean from me but it doesn’t matter:-) Thank you, Graham, for your time and passion!

Lisa Marie


DAA Consulting

Excellent. Graham’s help has been invaluable. I thought I had a basic understanding of creating a website but Graham took me to a whole new level and at a very inexpensive price and has continued to help whenever I’ve needed it. I couldn’t have achieved what I have without his input. Would highly recommend him.



Carpet Cleaning Morecambe

I came across Graham on the UK Business Forums due to having problems with my website builder.  Graham was very kind to get in contact with me quickly and put me in the right direction of building my website with wordpress.  Graham helped me with getting wordpress up and running putting things into place then giving me instructions on how to put our words into the different titles of the page. I could not have done it without his input and help.



Local Business Directory

I had the good fortune to come across Graham to help design an E-commerce website. During our time working together as a team Graham has been the epitome of patience with my demands.  Graham has delivered on everything I have asked for and then some.  He is always available to help and will not stop until he finds a solution. It was a case of me providing my website problems and Graham providing the solutions. He will not stop until he satisfies your every need. A good knowledgeable professional and I will surely be recommending his services. If you want top results, use the top man, use Graham.

Monty Burn


Turners Nutrition and Fitness

We asked for Graham’s help with building a WordPress site for our new business after he was recommended to us through a family member. Graham has been such a great help. He did all the technical bits that were way beyond our capabilities and then gave us the guidance and advice to enable us to put our own stamp onto our website and make it user friendly. His expertise has been invaluable and we’ve never had to wait long for an email response which eliminates a lot of frustration. Any query no matter how big or small is a simple task for Graham and he’s even met with us on more than one occasion to explain things in more detail and show us how to get the most out of the site. All advice is given in a friendly manner which has made the experience of building our own website a pleasurable one. We would highly recommend Graham and his very professional and friendly service.


The Cork Shop

Graham has been nothing but the best help you can get out there!! Besides the money for value and getting you started, he is always available to help and will not stop until he finds a solution or sends you in the right direction. In my case, I already have a lot of experience in building websites, but I do lack a bit when it comes to e-commerce, so having help from someone like Graham is fantastic! I asked, well, demanded that Graham should be as honest and sincere as possible on the design or his ideas on the website and he hasn’t fallen short delivering! I rather prefer someone tell me their brutal and honest opinion, than letting the website go live not looking at its best potential. Thank you Graham for all your help and I will surely be recommending  your services!!

Paul Renda



We found Graham through the UK Business forum and not only did he manage to beat every other companies quotes by a mile he also provided an excellent service and a great website for us. His advice had been invaluable and we would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Julia and Daniel


Ecommerce Site

Right from day one Graham has offered me unrivalled support with my wordpress site. Unlike other companies he took the time to carefully look at my current site and assess what could be changed and made better before taking any payment. Once the assessment was complete he very quickly set up a new wordpress site for me, including theme and necessary plugins. Many times since I have required help and always Graham has responded quickly and got the issues resolved.

Many a time I would have been in a mess without his help. It is a great relief to know that whatever issue may arise I can count on Graham to help out. Many other companies will take advantage of the unknowledgeable and claim small fixes have taken hours or small problems are close to unfixable; I know this first hand. Graham is not like this but instead quite the opposite and has never asked for more money than the initial payment. If your new to wordpress, need a new site or just some help, then please look no further!

Thanks Graham for the fantastic service you continue to provide.

Michele- An Online tile shop Director

(website name withheld on request)

Electra Heat


following your recent help in fixing the problems with my web site can I just say how please I was with your service and to have finally got the web site working the way it should.

You know exactly what’s required and the fact that you “say it like it is”, but without being detrimental. Any other tweaks or changes are implemented quickly and easily and I would strongly recommend your services whether for a new web site or to fix a broken one.

Thanks again for your help.


Chris Gunn


Anne Malone

This site is still development in the background – the site you can see is the ‘old’ wordpress site.

I first worked with Graham some months ago when I had a problem with a coding issue on my WordPress site. Graham very quickly pin pointed the issue and was able to resolve things for me. Since then Graham and I have built up a good rapport and I now look forward to his ongoing support with my websites.   I would recommend Graham without hesitation to anyone looking for a friendly, knowledgeable web designer. I have also found Graham to be a great mentor who has shown lots of patience in talking me through how my websites operate and has given me the much needed confidence to manage them better myself… thank you Graham!


Bailiff Mediation

This is a bespoke theme. The target audience has very specific needs hence the ‘in your face’ layout. It is very popular and has a very high conversion rate.

When first browsing Graham’s website, I thought to myself here’s another wannabe, preying on the lack of technical knowledge of web-based businesses by re-selling a standard package. Whilst dealing with Graham, however, I rapidly reached the conclusion that the guy knows exactly what he’s doing and a feeling of trust quickly developed.

I told him my requirements and he instantly understood where I was and where I wanted to take things. He then explained what he would do, how much it would cost and what the end result would be. I was respected and treated as an individual. Guess what? Graham does what he says on the tin!

Within days I ended up with an infinitely and instantly adjustable website and in the past 24 hours have been happily editing it as and when something new occurs to be (or from notes I made previously). The system is fast, accurate and measurable and simplicity itself. I’m not a techie, but even I can do it – which means lower fees for ongoing maintenance.

If you’re thinking of hiring Graham, don’t hesitate – for what he charged me, my Return on Investment far, far outranks any other method of marketing I’ve ever spent my hard-won money on.

John Galt



Note: The Swimglows site is no longer up and Running as Dave has sold the business. Still a good mate though

After being badly let down by a previous website designer, I was really fortunate to have found Graham.

Graham has been absolutely fantastic to work, nothing is too much trouble and when you ask for a few tweaks Graham is extremely efficient.

The website is exactly what we wanted, clean, easy to navigate and does what it says on the tin. You will not find a more approachable, patient, helpful, honest and easy to work with, professional web designer. The service I received was second to none and does not reflect the bargain price I paid!

If you want an effective ecommerce website and efficient service Graham is your man.

Dave & Clare


This site uses the Jewelery Shop theme.  Fiona has had to stop taking orders because she just can’t keep up with demand. The site really works well.

The help and support Graham has given has been fantastic. He’s just an email or phone call away. His approach is both straight forward and insightful. He breaks the complex language of web design down to understandable chunks making web design both simple and effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, in any web based business.

Fiona Davies


Leap Tomorrow

This was a bespoke theme built to match the layout of the main site

Graham understood immediately what we needed doing and was able to make it work effortlessly. Our blog is now integrated into the main website. Great guy, excellent value and would recommend to anyone.

Chris Howard, founder www.leaptomorrow.com


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