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You are looking at a WordPress theme. I built this one myself but there are thousands of ready made themes to choose from, all with a huge range of features and widgets and clever tricks.

The good news is, you don’t need worry too much about how it works, all you need to do is find a theme you like and let us do all the rest.

Finding your theme

Your starting point should be the wordpress theme repository:


If you can’t find anything you like then Google is your friend. There are thousands of themes to choose from, many are free but some you have to pay a few pounds or dollars to download.   Here’s a few examples:

www.wpexplorer.com a great range of business themes. This is Athena:

Or the free modern business theme as used here: daa.consulting


Whilst you can easily add a gallery to any wordpress theme sometimes it’s easier to install a purpose built solution. Like Berlin from graphpaperpress.com

Or Photocrati

Or pictree

Or albedo as used by tompollockphoto.com


Although a little bit more complicated to set up than a standard wordpress theme, ecommerce is well supported.

This is tyrion as used here: thecorkshop.co.uk


And thss is Bazar as used here: artisanotiles.co.uk


Or mazine from transparentideas.com:

If the thought of setting up an e-commerce theme fills you with trepidation, why not just get in contact.


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